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About Us

Green Gate Grove is a fenced retirement community for people over 55 years of age, located on Bentsen Palm Drive near Bentsen Rio Grande Texas State Park. There are many activities within our park for those residing on the 424 lots. Living accommodations include fine brick homes from 800 sq ft. up to 2000 sq. ft., park model dwellings and sites suitable for the largest recreational vehicles. The Lower Rio Grande Valley - The Lower Rio Grande Valley of south Texas provides a variety of activities and multicultural experiences available in few other locations. It is served by a full service airport in McAllen, Texas making the area a suitable winter-vacation site as well as a retirement destination. Excellent health care facilities are conveniently located in Mission, nearby McAllen Edinburg, Texas.

Our Goal

We are proud of our park - We work diligently to maintain its beauty and friendly character. With this web site we wish to share this with others. This web site presents our character in a most user-friendly form; most photos are incorporated on this home-page the Park Interest, and the Photo Album. The information pages are mostly text only (with links to image pages); we hope to entice you to return periodically, rather than endure endless downloading times, to explore what this community is all about.


Incorporated as Green Gate Grove Property Owner's Association, a not-for-profit corporation and not to be confused with other Green Gate Grove enterprises.

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