The Freddie and Sheila Show

The Freddie and Sheila Show is an energetic concert featuring world class guitar picking and fantastic singing. Lots of humor between (and during) songs make their concerts fun for everyone! They perform a variety of country classics, 60's rock, yodeling, clogging and more! Freddie's specialty is playing Chet Atkins style finger picking guitar instrumentals. The married duo perform in the RGV each January before moving on to resorts in Arizona and California as they have done the past 13 years.

Freddie has played for Ferlin Husky, Canadian fiddler, Al Cherney and singer/songwriter, Ian Tyson. With Freddie on lead guitar and vocals and Sheila singing and playing rhythm guitar, this 'all live' show (no background tracks!!) will keep you fully engaged with their crazy antics and musicianship!

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