Indio Calzeda

Playing music since the mid 60s, I am very familiar with the songs considered winter Texan favorites. D'Pizza Joint Restaurant on South Padre Island has been my musical headquarters for the past three years.

Originally from Nacogdoches Texas, I've performed professionally for over 50 years. I play and sing songs from the 50s to the present with a variety of styles and artists. Normally I play 4 hours non-stop at D'Pizza Joint.

Welcoming requests, I don't use any prerecorded music or drums ... basically piano, microphone and me!

At this time I am interested in any open opportunities located in Harlingen

Contact information:
Cell Phone: 936-552-4578
eMail Me


Fri. Jan. 24 .. D'Pizza Joint - South Padre Island .. 6pm .. $0 pp
Schedule includes weekend of Feb. 24 and Mar. 03 (Fri. - Sun.)
Every other two weekends afterwards.