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Ongoing  Activities 2018-2019

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1ClubsWriting Club (Jan 4)02:00 PMPRX
2ClubsWoodcarving Club09:00 AMLXX
3ClubsPersonal Development (Jan 15)10:30 AMPRX
4ClubsQuilting Club09:00 AMHX
5ClubsGenealogy Club (starts Jan. 27 )03:00 PMLX
6ClubsCraft Class and Painting 1-401:00 PMHX
7ClubsComputers Beginners (Starts Nov 15)09:00 AMLX
8ClubsBook Club (1st Thurs.)01:00 PMHX
9ClubsBible Study (Jan)09:00 AMPRX
10EntertainmentContemporary Country Jam03:00 PMHX
11EntertainmentRock `N` Roll Jam Session12:30 PMHX
12EntertainmentFriday Night Movie07:00 PMHX
13EntertainmentCountry Jam Session12:30 PMHX
14EntertainmentAcoustic Club Jam09:30 AMHX
15FoodSaturday Jam Lunch11:00 AMHX
16FoodSaturday Breakfast07:30 AMHX
17FoodIce Cream Social06:00 PMHX
18FoodHappy Hour04:00 PMLXX
19FoodFriday Jam Lunch11:00 AMHX
20GamesPoker (mixed)06:30 PMPRXXX
21GamesBuerre03:30 PMPRX
22GamesRoyal Rummy06:30 PMHX
23GamesDominoes11:00 AMHX
24GamesRoyal Rummy07:00 PMHX
25GamesHand & Foot Partners06:30 PMLX
26GamesTexas Hold-em (see Calendar)06:30 PMPRX
27GamesPoker (women)06:30 PMPRXX
28GamesPoker (men)06:30 PMPRXX
29GamesPo-Ke-No 12:30 PMLX
30GamesHand, Knee & Foot (Draw 12:15)12:30 PMLX
31GamesHand & Foot Partners06:00 PMLX
32GamesHand & Foot (Draw 12:15)01:00 PMLXXX
33GamesEuchre07:00 PMLX
34GamesDominoes07:00 PMHXXXX
35GamesBunko06:30 PMLX
36GamesBridge12:30 PMLXX
37GamesBingo07:00 PMHX
38GamesNickels12:30 PMLX
39GamesPinochle07:00 PMLX
40GamesPegs & Jokers06:30 PMLX
41HealthBlood Pressure Screening07:30 AMPRX
42HealthWater Arobics10:00 AMPXXXXXX
43SportsShuffleboard (Lessons & Practice)09:00 AMCAX
44SportsLow Impact Aerobics08:00 AMHXX
45SportsBowling - Valley Bowl09:00 AMVBX
46SportsBilliards - Pool (men)07:00 PMBRXX
47SportsGolf - Mission West09:15 AMMWX
48SportsYoga07:30 AMHXXX
49SportsShuffleboard (Fun)12:30 PMCAX
50SportsShuffleboard Carse04:00 PMCAX
51SportsZumba08:00 AMHXX
52SportsShuffleboard 04:00 PMCAXX
53SportsShuffleboard (Fun)03:00 PMCAXX
54SportsShuffleboard09:00 AMCAXXXX
55SportsShuffle & Bean Bag03:00 PMCAX
56SportsShuffleboard02:00 PMCAX
57SportsLine Dancing02:00 PMHXX
58SportsHorseshoes09:00 AMCAXXXXX
59SportsGolf - Palmview10:00 AMPVX
60SportsGolf - Palmview11:30 AMPVX
61SportsClogging04:00 PMHX