18 Dec 2023

House on Lot 94 for sale

House lot 94. 2113 Blue Jay st. Palmview Tx 78572

The house house, two bedrooms, one and a half bath, one full bedroom in the house between the two bedrooms and one half bath in the garage on the side and closed. It has new purple flooring in the kitchen and the two bathrooms. It has new appliances refrigerator the new Spot freeze stainless steel. It has a new icemaker going to it with the water hooked up. It has an osmosis although the tank has to be returned but the osmosis system will stay under the sink just to rent the tank. It has a washer and dryer that is also brand new they are the commercial deep ones and large load so they could wash. Just want anything, it has a new pet friendly fence five off of the back patio and into the backyard for exercise. It is a brick home to patios living room, kitchen area and the dining room area. Lotta closets   Two car garage any questions please call at 906-204-5941 priced $165,000.