* These Lawn Care providers are for Green Gate Grove Only

Name Address Business Phone Cell Page Description Other
* Martin Strubberg Lot 178 Strubberg 636-459-5458 Lawn mowing and trimming
Richard Muniz 956-467-8084 Lawn mowing and general lawn care. Please call after 8 PM. Does Work for the park
* Tom Jones Lot 355 Lawn Mowing 956-584-1561
Ruben Villareal 956-279-3180 Lawn care
Nester 956-605-7004 956-585-2536 Lawn Care
Robert Duran 956-605-2020
Joe Rodriguez Jr. Joes Fertilizing and lawn care 956-519-7052 956-386-3519 Fertilizing, mowing, edging, trimming
Jose Marquez 4222 Royal Palm St. Mission Tx 956-522-8268 Lawn Care & mowing Checks made out to: Santa Erica Mendoza
* Mike Miller Lot 398 Lawn Mowing 956-802-1864