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Park Organization

dot   Covenants and By-Laws for Green Gate Grove, Inc. were approved by the individual lot owners, the Covenants and By-Laws are the guidelines by which the park is operated.
     dot    The owner of each property is a member of the property owner's association:
            the Senior Citizens Owners Association (SCOA).
dot   Property owners elect representatives as a board of directors as well as electing the SCOA officers of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer to administer operations.
dot   Common use areas, facility maintenance and park cleanliness is managed by the operating officers through procedures approved by the board of directors.
dot   Individual lots are maintained and attended by each owner.
dot   An annual budget and maintenance fee is approved at the yearly owners meeting each January.

Greengator Spirit

Talent within Green Gate Grove is very often expended by volunteers on behalf of the park when needed.

The Green-Gator spirit is seen in the volunteer support for organizing and scheduling the multitude of activities and entertainment available during the winter seasons. This same spirit is seen in the various committees that attends to the well being of the park. A few of these standing committees staffed by Green-Gators:
 Activities & Entertainment
 Building and Grounds
 Bylaws / Covenants
 Computer Services
 "55" Certification
 Long Range Planning
 Public Liaison
 Sound System

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